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Producing high quality houses and apartments with Scandinavian Technology that brings affordable convenience is an idea that was born when we, a group of entrepreneurs, traveled around Kenya a few years ago. The need for housing in Kenya is very high and is increasing with each passing day. We have many interested brokers in our new upcoming project in Kikambala. Contruction is planned to start in June 2020.

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About us

We are a group of developers using Scandinavian technology,
Karl Niklas Lundmark, landowner and our partners in a partnership between Sweden and Kenya. 

Together with our team we guarantee a safe investment that will last for long. We work tight together with lawyer, architect, engineers and agents to make it as swift and safe for you as an investor in any project we do. Niklas Lundmark is the responsible business leader and bears the responsibility for design, calculations, presentations and maintaining contacts with everyone involved in the project and creates the contacts needed outside Kenya. As an investor in our company, you will be part of the development of the way you build in Kenya up to today. Chinese investors and entrepreneurs have a big influence on the market for 10 years back in time.

 We want to higher the standards of construction with new materials and a higher and more controlled process of building and planning houses. Safety and fair entrepreneuring has a high priority for us and we want to copy the Scandinavian way of controlling that. The environmental influence according to the choice of material is another thing we think seriously about. What will also make us different is the quality of the interior environment, different design inspired by a more modern style, quality of finish and a better efficiency according to the choice of materials.

Our team

Current Project Vipingo Kenya

This is our New project Construction is planned to start in June 2020

The surroundings of Vipingo

The surroundings of Vipingo is stunning, with beautiful beaches, golf course (one of the best in whole Africa) airports, nice restaurants and more. Developers are developing the area rapidly and the highway is going to be improved within one ore one and a half year. Investments in this area will pay off quickly. Scandinavia Kenya Development Ltd. has several contacts for several investment opportunities in the future in the area. We will keep you informed of every possibility as long as you want to get the information from us.

Vipingo Ridge is considered as the best golf course south of Sahara, with its nice breeze from the sea and beautiful course. The place has also a nice restaurant and clubhouse which is worth a visit.

Schools and universities are being built in the area at this very moment and Vipingo are considered to be the next big and developed areas in the Mombasa area. Sports courts such as tennis, football and swimming, shopping-malls are planned and some are already under construction.

Entrance Clubhouse Vipingo golf course
Part of Golf course
View to the sea from Vipingo Ridge Golf course
Red Pimpernel is going to be built here
Restaurant Golf Course Vipingo ridge
Vipingo beach
Clubhouse from the road at the Golf course
Map of the area
Mtwapa creek
University construction 500 m from where we are building

Your next investment?

The project includes 20 villas and 24 apartments a clubhouse and and a large pool. The project will be built in Vipingo in Kelifi county and has direct proximity to wonderful beaches and an international golf course that is considered the best in sub-Saharan Africa. Vipingo is centrally located in relation to other popular resorts such as Kelifi, Malindi, Mtwapa, Bamburi, Nyali and Mombasa. Access to three airports with scheduled flights to Nairobi and internationally. 

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Offer in Brief, Project Red Pimpernel Kikambala Kenya

Offer to buy preferred stock in Scandinavia Kenya Development Ltd

On April – the Annual General Meeting of Scandinavia Kenya Development LTD (hereinafter the Company) authorized the Board of Directors of the Company to decide, on one or more occasions, on the issue of a maximum of 600 000 preference shares with or without deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights.

On the basis of the authorization of the Scandinavia Kenya development Ltd, the Board of Directors of the Company decided on – April that the Company’s share capital shall be increased by a maximum of SEK 1.2 million through a new issue of maximum 600 000 preference shares at a subscription price of 20 SEK per preference share. The subscription price, in the opinion of the Board, corresponds to the market value of the preference share based on the market’s demand for return.


Number of shares offered in total 600 000
Price per share in offer 20 SEK
Total subscription size 1 200 000 SEK

The minimum number of shares at the subscription is 250 shares (5000 SEK)
Shareholders can subscribe to any number of shares exceeding 250 shares.
Registration period Månd. 19 of May 2020 until 15 of sept. 2020
Dividend in total of SEK 600 000 in year 2 Then in total SEK 600 000 in year 3
Then follows the normal dividend that the company decides from time to time
The board of the company have right to extend the registration period if needed.
Non-payment of dividends there will be two options
*1 Transfer of nominal shares which will be decided by the board
*2 Propert shall be identified and sold.
Redemption shall be done by the face value
In case of Liquidation the preference shareholders will have first priority
Reconciliation date for the nearest upcoming payments will be 6 months after audited accounts have been signed by the directors.

New capital, through an issue of shares, will be used primarily as working capital. This is due to payment in Kenya.

Buy a house or apartment from us

You can buy a house directly from us if you wish. You may already have land and want to buy one of our existing house models or as an alternative we can design a house according to your wishes. Architect-designed houses need not be combined with huge sums. We have long experience of One-off houses and you get the house that you may have dreamed of for a long time but did not realize. We design big and small houses and for us we do not see the difference in the value of the final house, but we value you as a customer and always do our best to ensure that you as a customer are satisfied with the final product. We work with lawyers and other necessary persons and these costs are always included in the price of the finished house. We always advise our customers to use the materials that fit your house and area you are building in. We have a new thinking where we put your comfort at the highest, and with the best details and materials, all to enable you as a customer to make a secure investment that will give you comfortable accommodation for many years to come. You are welcome for a free consultation about your future house project.

Contact us today for a consultation

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