About us

We are a group of developers using Scandinavian technology,
Karl Niklas Lundmark, landowner and our partners in a partnership between Sweden and Kenya.

Together with our team we guarantee a safe investment that will last for long. We work tight together with lawyer, architect, engineers and agents to make it as swift and safe for you as an investor in any project we do. Niklas Lundmark is the responsible business leader and bears the responsibility for design, calculations, presentations and maintaining contacts with everyone involved in the project and creates the contacts needed outside Kenya. As an investor in our company, you will be part of the development of the way you build in Kenya up to today. Chinese investors and entrepreneurs have a big influence on the market for 10 years back in time.

 We want to higher the standards of construction with new materials and a higher and more controlled process of building and planning houses. Safety and fair entrepreneuring has a high priority for us and we want to copy the Scandinavian way of controlling that. The environmental influence according to the choice of material is another thing we think seriously about. What will also make us different is the quality of the interior environment, different design inspired by a more modern style, quality of finish and a better efficiency according to the choice of materials.

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Our main partner in Pineridge Estate  project