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You can buy a house directly from us if you wish. You may already have land and want to buy one of our existing house models or as an alternative we can design a house according to your wishes. Architect-designed houses need not be combined with huge sums. We have long experience of One-off houses and you get the house that you may have dreamed of for a long time but did not realize. We design big and small houses and for us we do not see the difference in the value of the final house, but we value you as a customer and always do our best to ensure that you as a customer are satisfied with the final product. We work with lawyers and other necessary persons and these costs are always included in the price of the finished house. We always advise our customers to use the materials that fit your house and area you are building in. We have a new thinking where we put your comfort at the highest, and with the best details and materials, all to enable you as a customer to make a secure investment that will give you comfortable accommodation for many years to come. You are welcome for a free consultation about your future house project.

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