Surroundings in Vipingo

We have made an update at our website and will continue putting more info about the development of the area. See the update on (Current project)

The surroundings of Vipingo is stunning, with beautiful beaches, golf course (one of the best in whole Africa) airports, nice restaurants and more. Developers are developing the area rapidly and the highway is going to be improved within one ore one and a half year. Investments in this area will pay off quickly. Scandinavia Kenya Development Ltd. has several contacts for several investment opportunities in the future in the area. We will keep you informed of every possibility as long as you want to get the information from us.

Vipingo Ridge is considered as the best golf course south of Sahara, with its nice breeze from the sea and beautiful course. The place has also a nice restaurant and clubhouse which is worth a visit.

Schools and universities are being built in the area at this very moment and Vipingo is considered to be the next big and developed areas in the Mombasa area. Sports courts such as tennis, football and swimming, shopping-malls are planned and some are already under construction.

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